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The Robotics Society of Singapore would like to thank the following corporations and individuals for their generous donations/sponsorships:
Corporate Sponsors:
1. Positioning and Wireless Technology Center, Nanyang Technological University.
2. Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Center, Singapore Polytechnic.
Individual Sponsors:
1. Dr. Xie Ming
2. Mr. James Lee
3. Mr. Xu Jin
4. Dr. Xia Zeyang
5. Mr. Xian Linbo
6. Mr. Zhang Li
7. Mr. Wang Lei
8. Mr. Yang Hejun
9. Mr. Song Chengsen
10. Mr. Li Jing
11. Dr. Yu Haoyong
12. Dr. Zhong Zhaowei
13. Dr. Zhou Changjiu
14. Mr. Chen Guodong
 Robotics Society of Singapore is a member of the Asian Robotics Society Union.
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