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应亚洲机器人专业协会联盟组织的邀请, 新加坡机器人学专业协会自2008年代表新加坡从事机器人技术, 成果和人才的交流。 我们每年派代表参加亚洲机器人专业协会联盟组织的年会。同时, 我们重视同中国的交流。比例, 谢明博士参加了2009年第三届海外华侨华人专业协会会长联席会, 以及2010相聚长三角-海外华侨华人专业协会会长世博行。

Robotics Society of Singapore is a professional, and not-for-profit, body with the mission of:

1.         Fostering friendship and interaction among the robot-centric individuals in Singapore

2.         Synergizing robotics innovation and enterprising in Singapore

3.         Facilitating the acquisition of robotics knowledge and science in Singapore

4.         Supporting robotics education, and training in Singapore.


We believe that robots will be the most advanced creatures of human beings on Earth, which offer a wide range of robot-related products and services for the economic growth in Singapore and beyond.

On the other hand, robotics is a unique discipline which bridges over science and engineering and also offers a new horizon for the gifted minds to anchor in the endeavor of undertaking new discovery in science and new invention in engineering.

The discussion on the setup of the Robotics Society of Singapore was triggered by the invitation from Professor Tomomasa Kato, President of Robotics Society of Japan, to Prof. Xie Ming. In the invitation, Prof. Xie Ming has been invited to represent Singapore to participate to the annual meeting under the name of Asian Robotics Society Summit. With the help from James Lee and Xu Jin, the scope and vision for Robotics Society of Singapore have been drafted. And, we position ourselves as a professional, and not-for-profit, body which aims at nurturing friendship and promoting robotics among those corporations and individuals who believe that robots will be a big thing to come, to play, and to contribute to the mankind and the modern society.
 Robotics Society of Singapore is a member of the Asian Robotics Society Union

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