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  • [October 2012](news)

ARSU Summit Meeting at IROS2012 site in Portugal. The date and place of the ARSU summit meeting 2012 is now fixed.
date & time: Oct. 10 (Wed), 12:30-14:00 (lunch is offered)
place: Room DELFIM, Hotel Tivoli Marina Vilamoura (IROS site)

Here is the tentative agenda.

- Greeting and self-introduction
- Approval of the minutes of ARSU-SM 2011
- Confirmation of the agenda
- Report of current status of each member society
- Discussion of hosting future ARSU-SMs
- Discussion of future work
- Next meeting, closing remark, photograph

  • [October 2012](news)

Every year we try to cull out the best of it all and put it into a neat pile for better viewing, for analysis, for making sense of what the heck happened during the previous year. Yearly, robotics seems always to be under intense scrutiny with everyone searching for that profound breakthrough technology that will finally vault robotics into the open.

2012 was a better year than most for robotics; a watershed year, in fact, of eye-popping tech that’s going to rock our world. We follow them all. Check these out:

real help right now

1. Robot in a Jiffy: Additive Manufacturing Stamps Out 3D Robots in Hours
From Robot Design to Robot…in Hours!

The Beat Goes On For 3-D Printing

2. The Doctor Within: Diagnostic Micro-bots Pinpointing Disease
The Doctor Inside You: Diagnostic Micro-bots

3. The Workmate Robot: Robot Evolution According to Baxter
Meet Baxter: Rethink Robotics’ Next-Gen Robot

4. Cloud Robotics: Making Machines into Brainiacs
Toward a World Wide Web for Robots

5. CAD/CAM: No More Mind-numbing Robot Programming
Robotic Lab Technician Melds Precision and Programmability

6. Home-based Telepresence Robots: Household Companionship 24x7
Getting Ready for Telepresence

iRobot And InTouch Health Roll Out New Remote Physician

Double Robotics low-cost entry

7. Taking a Sunday Drive—Everyday!—in a Highway-ready Robot Automobile
Google’s Robot Auto Has New Rival in RoboCar HV

Every Car a Robot

8. Robot Fingers, Hand and Arm that Touch, Twist and Lift Like a Human
Sandia’s Robot Hand: Disruptive Technology Plus 90% Cost Reduction

Physician’s Touch in Robotic Glove for Self-Exams

9. 3D Sensing: Kinect-ing Robots to their Environment
Kinect-ing and Robotics

10. Drones in the US Airspace
Drones In Commercial Airspace To Drive A New Industrial Revolution

  • [September 2012](news)
Tuna-inspired Robot Fish On Guard for Homeland Security
Tuna afloat
BIOSwimmer tethered

September 24, 2012

NDTV: Inspired by the speedy tuna capable of swimming tirelessly in the oceans, the US Department of Homeland Security will introduce a fish-like robot for underwater patrols.

The �BIOSwimmer’ robot sports features like the real-life fish with replicated fins and a flexible tail to pull off quick maneuvers.

Charlie the Tuna

US Homeland Security funded the robot made by Boston Engineering, Waltham, MA with an eye toward missions such as exploring the flooded areas of ships, inspecting oil tankers or patrolling US harbors to watch out for suspicious activity.

“It’s called �biomimetics’. We’re using nature as a basis for design and engineering a system that works exceedingly well,” said David Taylor, program manager for the BIOSwimmer at the US Department of Homeland Security.

The robot, which is based on the tuna’s sleek, flexible shape, would be able to squeeze into tight spaces such as the flooded bilges and tanks of ship interiors and fit in well with surrounding marine life.

Would-be terrorists hoping to sneak weapons and other contraband through U.S. ports on and in the hulls of ships may be thwarted by this robotic tuna fish.

The BIOSwimmer robofish is able to overcome so-called position-keeping problems experienced by traditional underwater robots that are powered by vertical and horizontal thrusters, according to Taylor.

The robot can sit in the water and go through a swimming motion like a fish and give you a better position-keeping capability. Such steadiness could be important, for example, while the robot uses an array of sensors to inspect grated cavities in ship hulls called sea chests where contraband could be stashed.


Control is via a tether attached to a laptop computer. The tether is long enough to inspect ship hulls more than 500 feet in length, Taylor noted.

The robot can also operate autonomously, he added, but when it is not hooked to the tether “sending data up through the water column is somewhat challenging.” To get around that, the robot would have to be periodically brought back to the surface for data downloading, which limits real-time inspection capabilities.

The Department of Homeland Security is in discussions with an undisclosed custom’s port to begin testing a prototype of the robot within a year.

  • [September 2012](news)

Professor (A419-12MY)

Research School of Engineering, ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

The Research School of Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science is seeking a person with drive and enthusiasm who is capable of setting the strategic direction and leading a large team undertaking research and development in the area of Computer Vision within NICTA. The successful candidate will assume the position of Head of Computer Vision group in NICTA whilst also holding a substantive position as an ANU Professor.

Location: Canberra, Australia

Term of Contract: Permanent

Grade: Level E

Salary Package $150,675 pa plus 17% superannuation

Closing Date: 31 Oct 2012

The Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU) is one of the premier engineering research institutions in the world. It was a founding partner in the creation of the National ICT Australia (NICTA) centre of excellence and continues to work closely with NICTA in a variety of areas. We are seeking an energetic and driven person who will hold the position of professor within the Research School of Engineering but who will also be responsible for leading the Computer Vision Group within NICTA. The latter will involve setting strategic research directions in line with the overarching NICTA goals of research excellence and wealth creation for a group of approximately 90 researchers and graduate students.

The appointment as leader of the NICTA Computer Vision Group will be for an initial period of five years. This will involve a 70% time commitment to NICTA related activities, with the remaining 30% time commitment as a regular faculty member within the Research School of Engineering. At the end of the initial five year period this arrangement may be extended subject to mutual agreement or revert solely to a position within the Research School.

The successful applicant should have a PhD in a relevant field of Engineering, evidence of the ability to initiate and grow new directions for research, and the ability to lead and coordinate research between geographically separate research groups.

The ANU offers generous remuneration benefits, including four weeks paid vacation per year, assistance with relocation expenses and 17% employer contribution to superannuation.

Consistent with our values of integrity and respect, ANU welcomes diversity in its staff, welcoming applications from women and from candidates from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and is working hard to support their choices and inclusion in the workplace. If you are interested in talking about working at ANU as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person, please contact our Indigenous Employment Consultant Ian Martin on T: 6125 5981 or E: Ian.Martin@anu.edu.au<mailto:Ian.Martin@anu.edu.au>

Enquiries Contact: A/Prof Thushara Abhayapala
Telephone: +61 2 6125 5141
Email: Thushara.Abhayapala@anu.edu.aumailto:Thushara.Abhayapala@anu.edu.au
  • [September 2012](news)

Humanoids 2012 - "Humanoids and Humans: Towards A New Frontier"

The 2012 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots
Nov.29 - Dec.1, 2012 at Business Innovation Center Osaka, Osaka, Japan

  • [September 2012](news)
Please join us for an afternoon of presentations and discussion on the latest in robotics applied to humankind's oldest and most important industry: agriculture.

  • [September 2012](news)
Security and Rescue Robots is now open at www.ssrr2012.org. Advance registration will be open through Oct. 19.  Late breaking reports are due Oct. 1.

Keynote speakers
include Dr. Gill Pratt (DARPA), Dr.. Hajime Asama
(University of Tokyo), and
Dr. Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku University). The
program includes a tour of
Disaster City(r) and meeting with responders.
  • [September 2012](news)

IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE! Nomination Deadline—October 1, 2012



This award honors scientists and engineers who have a substantial body of
excellent work behind them but many years to go.
Consideration is not
limited by class of materials or area of materials research. Recipients must be
between the ages of 40 and 52 at the time of nomination.

The Mid-Career Researcher Award is made possible through an endowment established by Aldrich Materials Science.

For more information on the Mid-Career Researcher Award, including nomination guidelines and process, visit www.mrs.org/mra.

This award honors outstanding MRS members
whose sustained and distinguished contributions to the advancement of materials
research are internationally recognized.
It is intended that by
representing excellence in science and engineering and dedication to the
advancement of materials research, the MRS Fellows will exemplify the highest
ideals of accomplishment and service embodied in the MRS Mission.

For more information on the MRS Fellow program, or to submit a nomination online, visit www.mrs.org/mrsfellows.


This award recognizes an
outstanding advance in materials characterization that notably increases knowledge of the structure, composition,
in-situ behavior under outside stimulus, electronic, mechanical, or chemical behavior, or other characterization feature, of materials.
is not limited to the method of characterization or the class of material observed. Impact of the advance on materials research will be the primary
consideration in making the award. Nominations for the award may be made for scientists and engineers in all areas of materials research.

The Innovation in Materials Characterization Award has been endowed by Dr. Toh-Ming Lu and Dr. Gwo-Ching Wang.

For more information on the Innovation in Materials Characterization Award, including
nomination guidelines and process, visit www.mrs.org/imca.


This award recognizes outstanding, interdisciplinary scientific work in materials
research by a young scientist or engineer.
The award recipient must
also show exceptional promise as a developing leader in the materials

For more information on the Outstanding Young Investigator Award,
including nomination guidelines and process, visit www.mrs.org/oyi.


  • [September 2012](news)




为大力吸引海外�层次人才来浙江创新创业,今年11月7日至8日将在杭州举办“2012浙江·杭州国际人才交流与合作大会”。大会继续坚持“交流、合作、 创新、创业”的主�,坚持“面向海外、服务浙江”的办会宗旨,进一步加强与海外�层次人才的交流与合作,吸引更多海外�层次留学人才来浙发展、来杭创业。现将有关事项公告如下:
















(一) 海外留学人才:一�取得硕士学位,在国外大学、企业或研究机构从事专业工作三年以上的留学人�;二�取得博士学位的留学人�;三�海外留学人才创新创业团�代表;四�有影响力的海外留学人�社团;五�在产业、专业领域具有独特影响力的海外华人专才;六�已在国内创业的海外�层次留学人才。





个人报名: 请符合条件的留学人�提交《海外留学人才参会报名表》以及最�学历证书与护照扫描件




















  • [September 2012](news)



请于927日前,回复如下表格至tzykejichu@126.com详情请咨询86-10-85212680/2260 �一辰、萧沃莹珏。







  • [August 2012](news)



    1、2012年海外留学人�福建(福州)创业项目竞赛 :活动时间:2012年10月28日-11月3日,报到时间:2012年10月27日,报到地点:福建福州,活动详情点击链接:http://www.fjrs.gov.cn/xxgk/cszy/slxrycyyglzx/hdjl/201207/t20120727_492186.htm

    2、“2012年海外留学博士海峡西岸行”、 “福建(福州)海外人才与项目对接洽谈暨创业项目投融资对接会” 、“2012年福建(厦门)海外人才与项目对接洽谈会”:活动时间:2012年10月31日-11月3日报到时间:2012年10月30日,报到地点:福建福州,活动详情点击链接:



    1参加2012年海外留学人�福建(福州)创业项目竞赛,编写创业项目计划书,直接向福建留学人�创业园管理中心报名,报名邮箱: chenyan@fjrs.gov.cn,联系人:陈燕,电话0086-591-87307327 、88025905(传真)、18605918085。

    2参加“2012年海外留学博士海峡西岸行”、 “福建(福州)海外人才与项目对接洽谈暨创业项目投融资对接会” 、“2012年福建(厦门)海外人才与项目对接洽谈会”,填写报名表,可从以下3种报名联系方式中选择1种方式报名。


    报名邮箱: yue_yue3755@163.com




    (3)厦门市公务�局,联系人:王娟  薛威








                  “2012年中国·福建海外人才创业周”活动组委会 2012年8月22日


  • [August 2012](news) 福建省公务�局、福建省人力资源开发办公室将于2012年10月下旬至11月上旬举办“2012年中国·福建海外人才创业周”,现面向海外征集�层次人才和项目,请帮助大力宣传、组织、发动有关海外�层次人才报名参加,报名截止时间9月10日,报名表见附件。正式文件见下文。详情点击链接:http://www.fjrs.gov.cn/xxgk/cszy/slxrycyyglzx/hdjl/201208/t20120809_495942.htm


  • [June 2012](news)

    We would like to invite Robotics Society of Singapore to the Infocomm Experience Centre (iExperience), during imbX, to explore the possibilities of the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN).

    iExperience is the first permanent infocomm showcase set up by IDA to present the possibilities and benefits of Next Generation National Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) and the services. Divided into 4 zones, members can experience and explore how infocomm can transform the way they live, work, learn and interact. They also can learn about next gen infocomm through the various hands-on exhibits. iExperience presents a range of functional yet fun services and applications for businesses, consumers, Government and overseas visitors:

    i.       Live

    Visitors can experience exhibits including companion device application, remote health monitoring and rehabilitation, and live interaction through Skype on various devices. The home-based work showcase demonstrates how working from home can be made easier with high speed connectivity, unified communications and cloud-based services. Visitors can also try how keeping in touch with friends or family in hospital can be made more convenient through next gen services. In addition to interacting within iExperience, visitors can also chat with patrons outside iExperience at Red Mango, a yogurt outlet across iExperience via Skype on TV. 

    ii.      Work

    Businesses, small or large, can harness the possibilities enabled by the ultra high speed fibre broadband network to enhance their services and create new opportunities. As today’s business world gears towards cloud-based services, visitors can understand better the tangible benefits of such scalable platforms, resources and services at iExperience. Enabled by advancement in technology and services, superb connectivity and enhanced collaboration solutions like unified comms and life-like video conferencing, businesses can also choose to adopt flexible working arrangements and transform the way they work for better productivity and work-life balance.  At iExperience, visitors can understand how the workplace of the future remains professional and improves collaboration and efficiency, and how it can be located near to residential areas. Such a Smart Work Centre setup can be an alternative to home-based work or working at the office.

    iii.     Learn

    Creating an enriching experience in learning, the innovative use of infocomm will meet the diverse needs of learners. In this classroom of the future, next gen services will enrich the learning experience through rich media content and empower learners to leverage various ICT tools for collaborative and self directed learning. Visitors can try new applications on the interactive multi-touch tables and the educational applications that make learning meaningful and enjoyable. To capture the experience of their visit to iExperience, visitors can customize the photos they take at iExperience with special iExperience templates and upload them to social media applications to share with their families and friends.

    iv.     Interact

    Next gen services can also transform the way we conduct our everyday activities such as grocery shopping.  With Near Field Communication (NFC), grocery shopping can be done using your NFC mobile phone even if you are not at a supermarket. Visitors can simply tap the NFC mobile phone and experience the convenience of having the groceries delivered at the doorstep at the NFC showcase. Visitors can also understand how business operations have transformed and become more automated as technology evolves with innovative services and applications.

    More exciting activities await visitors. At arrival, visitors will be welcomed by an “earth-shattering” greeting from our friendly ambassador. Making its first ever appearance in Singapore at imbX 2012, visitors can mingle and interact with a delightful concierge robot from 19 June to 23 June 2012.

    iExperience is situated at Esplanade Xchange, along the shortest linkway between Raffles City and Suntec City. It is opened from 10am to 8pm daily. Admission is free.

    To register for our guided tours please contact Ms Rinas (iExperience Centre Manager) at 6820 6880.


  • [October 2011](news)

    Osaka Healthcare Robotics Seminar in Singapore
    with Robot Ambassador from Osaka
    Date: 24 & 25 October 2011
    Venue: Orchard Hotel Singapore

    Osaka Robotics Delegation will visit Singapore.Don’t miss a chance to meet them for research or business opportunities!
    Osaka City Government and Robot Laboratory will send the robotics business mission to Singapore from Osaka.
    Osaka has a large concentration of SMEs with excellent technological capabilities. In the upcoming mission,
    two robotic related healthcare companies will visit Singapore to explore business opportunities with foreign entities.
    If you are interested, we urge you to attend this seminar. Admission is free through registration.

    October 24 (Mon) ①10:00-12:00 ②13:00-15:00
    October 25 (Tue) ①10:00-12:00 ②13:00-15:00
    • Meeting strictly by appointment only at the above time slots.
    • Confirmation slip will be emailed to you upon acceptance.
    Venue: Orchard Hotel Singapore “Cypress Room”, Level 2
    442 Orchard Road Singapore 238879
    1. Opening Remarks
    Yoichiro Taguchi, Executive Director, City of Osaka Singapore
    Representative Office
    2. Osaka Robotics Industry Overview
    Toshiya Nakae, Project Planner, Robot Laboratory
    3. R-Techs (Finger Rehabilitation Robot)
    Akira Tsumiyama, President, R-Techs Co., Ltd.
    4. Biosignal (Biosignal Acquisition System)
    Ritsuko Doujima, Director, Biosignal Co., Ltd.
    5. Robot Demonstration
    6. Interactive Communication

    Application Form
    Nature of business:
    TEL: FAX:
    Website: http://
    Specific interests (if any)
    Meeting time preference:
    October 24 (Mon) □ 10:00-12:00 □ 13:00-15:00
    October 25 (Tue) □ 10:00-12:00 □ 13:00-15:00

    Reply Form via osaka@singnet.com.sg or FAX : 6224-9980
    Closing date: 20 October 2011


  • [September 2011](news)

    Dear members of Robotics Society of Singapore (RSS),
    Good afternoon!
    This is Yuichiro Shimaoka, from the City of Osaka Singapore Representative Office (http://www.osakacity.com.sg/).
    I would like to introduce to you and your colleagues/research fellows an opportunity of meeting up with companies of Osaka from robot industry to discuss about robotics technology. In the last week of October 2011, we are planning to invite as many as five companies to Singapore to share their robotics technology (including demonstration) with like minded parties including those from government, private sector, and academia. Please refer to the attached file in which you can find a list of potential participants from Osaka and their profiles.

    If you are interested in meeting up with them, please kindly let me know. Once the details of their visitation and program is confirmed, I will inform you. I am certain that this will be a great opportunity for all participants to share their excellent knowledge and experience on robotics technology among one another. 
    Looking forward to receiving a positive response from you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Yuichiro Shimaoka
    Assistant Manager
    PR & Business Development
    The City of Osaka Singapore Representative Office 


  • [September 2011](news)

    Embedded Android Development Training is available in Singapore, with Funding Support from *IDA CITREP Expanded.
    Up to 50% Funding Support!!

    MR Ref Code: CITREP1112/MR/11-05/411

    Google’s Android operating system is built on open-source and has already been adopted by leading mobile
    manufacturers, automotive and electronic industries. Ideate and create mobile applications, Launch them on
    app stores, Create a buzz! Get employed with mobile application development company!! Train your work force on
    this latest happening open source mobile platform!!!

    More information can be found at:


  • [July 2011](news)

    2nd Annual International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics CAR 2012 http://ctrlauto.org/

    Date: 12-13 March 2012

    Venue: Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore


    •       Intelligent Control Systems

    •       Decision support systems

    •       Distributed control systems

    •       Expert systems for industry

    •       Intelligent fault detection and identification

    •       Knowledge-based systems applications

    •       Machine learning in control applications

    •       Hybrid learning systems

    •       Mechatronic systems

    •       Neural networks based control system

    •       Optimization algorithms

    •       Software agents for intelligent control systems

    •       Soft computing

    •       Fuzzy control

    •       Genetic algorithms

    •       Robot design

    •       Human-robots interfaces

    •       Haptic devices

    •       Robotic teams

    •       Mobile robot localization

    •       Space, underwater and inspection robots

    •       Intelligent transportation technologies

    •       Vehicle control applications

    •       Telerobotics and telematics

    •       Virtual reality

    •       Mechatronic systems

    •       Vision, recognition and reconstruction

    •       Nanorobotics

    •       Robot design, development and control

    •       Intelligent warehouses

    •       Modeling, simulation and architectures

    •       Reasoning about action for intelligent robots

    •       Natural language dialogue with robots

    •       Intelligent control agents

    •       Evolutionary computation

    •       Biologically inspired control systems

    •       Autonomous agents

    •       Petri nets (system design/verification with nets,  protocols and networks)

    •       Industrial networks and automation

    •       Field-buses

    •       Real-time systems control

    •       Environmental monitoring and control

    •       Process control

    •       CAD, CAM, CAE

    •       Flexible manufacturing systems

    •       Web-based control

    •       Computer and microprocessor-based control

    •       Actuators and sensors

    •       Instrumentation networks and software

    •       Motor control and power systems

    •       Hydraulic and pneumatic systems


    Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin

    Member, Board of Governors, Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) Former Speaker Parliament of Australia Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategy and Planning) Curtin University of Technology Former Pro Vice Chancellor International, Victoria University


    Prof. Andrew Adamatzky

    Professor Department of Computer Science, University of the West of England, UK Ranger of the Unconventional Computing Centre, Member of Bristol Robotics Lab

  • [April 2011](news) As a part of RoboCup initiative in Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) together with Science Centre Singapore (SCS)  will be organizing the RoboCup Singapore Open 2011 at SCS,  4-5 Apr 2011. About 400 participants (both local and international), 87 teams have registered to participate in the competition. SP, NUS and NTU will also demo RoboCup Senior leagues in the event.



  • [December 2010](news) 2010 International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision will be held in Singapore from 7-10 December 2010.


  • [November 2010](news) The establishment of Robotics Society of Singapore has obtained the final approval from the Singapore government on 25 November 2010. Congratulations to the team of founders of RSS!


  • [October 2010](news)

    The Japan Creative Centre is proud to present our upcoming exhibition LIFE INNOVATION BY JAPAN'S ROBOT TECHNOLOGIES. Be amazed by the latest in cutting-edge robot technology rarely seen outside of Japan. In conjunction with this exhibition, we are organising a special lecture and demonstration with award-winning scientist, Dr. Shibata Takanori from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan. He is the inventor of Paro, the seal-shaped robot recognised as the World’s Most Therapeutic Robot.


    Paro has been used as an alternative form of animal therapy in hospitals and care facilities. Through intelligent interaction, it positively affects patient psychology by reducing patient stress levels and improving socialisation. Learn about how Paro is used to benefit people around the world.

    Life Innovation with Therapeutic Robot, Paro
    Date: Fri, 1 Oct. 2010
    Time: 3pm - 5pm
    Location: NUS Engineering Auditorium
    Lecture Synopsis: Click here (PDF)

    Free Admission (by registration only). Please email jcc.general@gmail.com with your full name, organisation, designation and contact information by Tues, 21 Sept 2010. Only those with a confirmed seat will be notified by email.


  • [September 2010](news)

Life Innovation by Japan's Robot Technologies
Date: 25 Sept. - 8 Oct. 2010
(Closed on Sun & Mon.)
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: Japan Creative Centre, 4 Nassim Road
Admission: Free

A 1 ½ hr tour of the exhibition is available for organisations and groups (of at least 10 people). To reserve a session, email jcc.general@gmail.com with your preferred date and time of visit. Given the short duration of the exhibition, we do recommend an early booking to avoid disappointment.


  • [August 2010](news) RSS wishes the great success of YOG 2010, which will bring friendship to all participants from the world.


  • [July 2010](news) The Chang Zhou (China) city is also inviting members of professional associations to join an organized visit in September 2010. The detail of trip description and registration form can be found here.


  • [July 2010](news) The Hu Zhou (China) city is inviting members of professional associations to join an organized visit in September 2010. The detail of trip description and registration form can be found here.


  • [July 2010](news) Dr. Xie Ming is to give a talk on the basics of starting up a high-tech company on 10 July at NUS. The detail can be found here. Admission is free. 


  • [June 2010](news)] Robocup 2010 Industry Networking Lunch will be held on Sunday, 20th June 2010, 1130am, , Blue Pacific Lounge located on level 3 of Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


  • [May 2010](news) ROBOTS (http://www.robotspodcast.com), the podcast for news and views on robotics, is celebrating its 50th episode with over 90 interviews and 150'000 downloads. ROBOTS' 50th episode also coincides with the launch of its new website (http://www.robotspodcast.com). You can now easily access information and browse episodes by topic, guest, or tag. The website is also highly interactive, allowing you to relate with the large ROBOTS community through a new forum and comments section.


  • [April 2010](news) The international conference "Decade of Mind" 2010 will be held in Singapore from 18 to 20 October 2010. You are encouraged to attend. The detail can be found at http://www.theeventmicrosite.com/DOM/


  • [April 2010](news) Singapore Art Museum will be having a coming exhibition entitled “Art Garden-Children’s Season”, which will be held from 14 May to 18 July 2010. One of the works to be featured is a mechanized installation of flowers (i.e. Robot Flowers) by Geoffrey Drake Brockman, who is an established Australian artist. You can view Geoffrey Drake Brockman’s works from:


    The artist may be keen on giving a talk to a small group of teachers/ students/public on 13/14 May, 7.30pm. You are cordially invited to attend.




  • [March 2010[(news) The 3rd National Robotics Technology Exposition (ROBOTEX) will be held on July 30, 2010 at the  “Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation (www.ollcf.org)”, which is located in Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines. You are cordially invited to attend, and participate in, this event for the promotion and dissemination of robotics technology and interest. If interested, please contact: jgp88@yahoo.com.


  • [March 2010](news) Robocup 2010 will host a series of exhibitions of robot-related products in both level 4 and level 6 of Suntech City of Singapore. The booths are open for booking through the use of the standard form.


  • [February 2010](news) RSS wishes all the members a Happy and Prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year 2010!


  • [January 2010](news) You are cordially invited to attend the official ceremony of establishment of Singapore-China Association for Advancement of Science and Technology. The Senior Minister of State, Ms Grace Fu, and the Ambassador of Chinese Embassy, Her Excellency Zhang Xiaokang, will be the Guests of Honor. Time: 2pm on 15 January 2010 (Friday). Venue: Genexis Theatre, 5th Floor of Fusionopolis, 1 Fusionopolis Way. Admission is free.


  • [January 2010](news) The World Oversea Chinese Professional Association Cooperation Network has launched its website (http://www.ocpan.org/) in December 2009. The President of Robotics Society of Singapore has attended the ceremony of its official launch. 


  • [January 2010](news) 2010 Singapore Robotic Games will be held in Republic Polytechnic from 26 to 28 January 2010. More detail can be found at http://guppy.mpe.nus.edu.sg/srg/.


  • [December 2009)(news) Second International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications will be held in Orchard Hotel, Singapore, from 16 to 18 December 2009. More detail can be found at http://www.robotics.sg/icira2009.



  • [November 2009](news) Robotica 2009 Exhibition is dedicated to humanoid and service robots. It will be held in Milan, Italy, from 25 to 27 November 2009. For more detail, visit http://www.roboticaexpo.eu/en/index_rbt.asp


  • [October 2009](news): We plan to organize a visit trip to Japan and South Korea under ARSU activities. The purpose is to see the state of advance in robotics research in both Japan and South Korea. The visit will include KAIST (South Korea), ATR (Japan), Tokyo University (Japan), AIST (Japan), RIKEN (Japan) and Waseda University (Japan). The trip is scheduled to be around the end of October 2009. The trip is to be self-financed. In other words, each delegate will finance his/her own travels/accommodations/other expenses. If you wish to join, please contact through mmxie@ntu.edu.sg.


  • [October 2009](news): I2R will be hosting a forum to assess Robotics landscape in Singapore on 8 October.  Participants from DSTA, SingHealth, SGH, TTSH, EDB, SPF, local Universities, etc, will come together to discuss about: a) Robotics research in Singapore, b) Real needs of Robotics in Singapore, and c) Collaboration opportunities in robotics field in Singapore. 


  • [September 2009](news): A delegation from Wuxi city (China) will be in Singapore on 24 September to promote techno-preneurship in China through the incubation in Wuxi's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Park. A promotional seminar will be held from 17:00pm to 18:30pm on 24 September 2009. The officers from Wuxi's municipal bureaus will be present to introduce various funding schemes and supports. They especially welcome Singapore's high-tech companies to expand into China's market. Admission is free. For more detail, please contact through mmxie@ntu.edu.sg.


  • [September 2009](news): 2009 National Junior Robotics Competition is being held in Singapore Science Center from 7 to 11 September 2009. Detail can be found here. There will be two public seminars in 10 & 11 September 2009. Admission is free. 


  • [September 2009](news): Singapore Army Open House will be held between 3 to 7 September in Pasir Laba camp, in which the public will be able to view the state-of-the-art demonstrations of various robotic platforms developped in Singapore.


  • [June 2009] (news): Dr. Zhang Guoqing (zhanggq@ntu.edu.sg) has happily agreed to serve as the RSS's contact person in charge of networking among the young researchers of robotics in Singapore. If you are below 35 years old and are active in pursuing any interest related to robotics in Singapore, please send your contact information to Dr. Zhang Guoqing. By doing so, your achievement and interest in robotics will be recognized among the young researchers of robotics from other Asian countries through the network of ARSU. Also, ARSU will honor those outstanding young researchers of robotics from Asia.


  • [June 2009] (news): Mr. James Lee (james.lee@robotics.sg) has happily agreed to serve as the RSS's Secretary in charge of liaison with ARSU.


  • [June 2009] (news): The Nanyang Venture I, an eco-friendly car designed and built by a team of 25 students from NTU's School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), wowed many at the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2009 held in Germany, from 7 to 9 May 2009. The NTU eco-car turned in the best results of the Singapore entries on the first day of the two-day race on 8 May 2009. At the end of the final day, according to the results posted on the Shell Eco-Marathon 2009 website this morning, NTU's was the only car flying the Singapore flag high, coming in 4th in the Prototype (Solar) Category (out of 8 in that category), and clinching second place of the 'Safety Award' in the 'Special Awards' category.


  • [May 2009](seminar): Prof. Gordon Cheng, Technical University of Munich, Germany, will deliver a public talk on Cognitive Systems for Robots, on 2 June 2009 at 2pm in the LT 5 of Nanyang Technological University. Admission is free.


  • [May 2009] (news): A Singapore delegation will visit Nanjing, Wuxi, and Suzhou in the week of 18 May 2009. It will also participate to the 15th anniversary ceremony of Singapore-China Suzhou Industrial Park, which will be held on 26 May 2009.


  • [May 2009] (news): The Second International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA2009) will be held in Singapore between December 16-18, 2009. The closing date of paper submission is June 16, 2009. Interested authors are welcome to contribute quality papers. The conference proceedings will be published in the Springer's Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence, which is indexed by EI.


  • [May 2009] (news): 4th Asian Robotics Society Summit Metting (ARSSM) will be held in IROS 2009. (September 2009)


  • [May 2009] (news): IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics will be held in Singapore in July 2009.


  • [April 2009] (news): Nanyang Technological University has developed an adult-sized humanoid robot, which has been showcased to the Deputy Prime Minister Teo on 27 March 2009.


  • [March 2009] (Job Annoucement): A speech-based human-robot interaction project is recruiting several software engineers with strong interest or expertise in speech recognition, processing and understanding. The ideal candidates should have the educational background in computer science, or software engineering. Qualified candidates are welcome to contact Mr. James Lee (james.lee@robotics.sg)


  • [March 2009] (News): The School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University offers a new course MP3179, in which students interested in participating in robotics competition such as RoboCup can choose the track of "Intelligent Competitive Robotics".


  • [October 2008](News) Presentation on "Cognitively-Intelligent Humanoid Robot for Home Care" (6-7 October 2008 at EuroSouthEastAsia Forum on ICT).



  • [August 2008](News) Seminar on "Roles of Robot in Future Society" (15 August 2008 at Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, NTU). 


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